Dirk Nowitzki

being able to perform in pressure situations.
Dirk is clutch. LeBron is not.
by King without a Ring June 14, 2011
to perform when the pressure is on and you are being heavily relied on. a big-time situation.
derek jeter
tory holt
my good self
are all clutch
by andrew osullivan November 29, 2006
A tank at all sports. Most likely attends a private school in Annapolis, MD. Is Clutch and drains 3's daily. Cannot be stopped.
"Did you see Clutch the other day?"
"Yeah it was the greatest day of my life, he's so sick"
by LaxBrah11 October 22, 2013
A super, hip, girly word used by teenage girls in the 90's. A common phrase in the hit television series "Clueless". Definitely a girl thing.
"Oh my god Brittany, you new scrunchy is totally clutch!"

"Brians new ride is super clutch, you know?"
by BrittanyMAY October 09, 2013
David Freese
did you watch that world series game?
ya, David Freese came up clutch!
by Rjsee October 27, 2011
n. A gamer who is able to pull through for their team while being the last one standing, winning the match.
I am clutch at Call of Duty.
by cheshire cat August 21, 2004
An amazing word that will confuse others. Use inplace of other words to imply what you want to say or to make things sound dirty. Let's others fill in what they want to hear.

Also use in place of nouns, pronouns, adverbs, verbs, ect. Basically any word can be replaced with clutch.
Whould you like to go to the clutch tonight?
Anybody see that girl? She was clutching.
Hey clutch!
Dude I just want to go home and clutch.
Son of a clutch!

awesome random annoying fun hilarious
by Clutch master 720 April 21, 2011

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