- ayo, want a line of clutch -
- nah -
by Brian Storm November 07, 2013
The ability to perform well on a certain activity at a particular moment, despite external pressures, influences or distractions.
Carly was clutch when she pulled off a perfect grade on her biochem exam, despite having March Madness going on for weeks prior.

One of Michael Jordan's reasons for being the GOAT is due to clutch shooting in a do-or-die situation.
by floja May 29, 2011
The term “clutch” is used to describe a very impressive play, usually in sports, that happens at the perfect time in the game.
I can’t believe you scored that goal with 2 seconds left. That was so clutch!
by Csal May 05, 2011
Alex Henery. Most accurate kicker in NCAA history who played for Nebraska from 2007-2011.
Man did you see Alex Henery's 57 yard bomber last night?

Yeah, that guys clutch.
by kcwah February 24, 2011
To get something done in an impossible quick amount of time and in a disorderly manner.
Yo Tarek, we need to clutch the English assignment for next period.
by Toritto November 07, 2010
Adjective: Used to describe something that is really great or interesting by someone who is actually not cool at all and has no idea.

Noun: Sometimes used as a noun by someone who doesn't understand its meaning.

This word is often forced into conversation in an attempt to make it popular.
"That basketball game was so clutch."


"We should go downtown tonight, it would be totally clutch."
by Jon Lawhorn February 08, 2010
When one person is left in a search and destroy match in call of duty 4, and they pull off a win for the round even when there outnumbered.
"satoga24 better pull off a clutch if we want to win this."
by satoga24 July 13, 2008

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