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if you are looking up this definition in an online dictionary, you are most certainly not clutch.
clutch people just know what "clutch" means.
by douchelias June 05, 2011
2 8
The ability to not mess up under pressure.
also the ability to be awesome at everything under pressure.
The absence of clutch leads to failure.
Teacher: "Spell tomorrow."
Student: "T-o-m-o-r-o-w"
Cool kid: " YOU HAVE NO CLUTCH!"
(because the student spelled the word wrong.)

And Crosby scores the CLUTCH winner in Overtime for Canada!
by guitarfreak1021 January 18, 2011
5 11
amazingly awsome shocking
thats so clutch
by Mac Trey69 September 12, 2010
2 8
Another word for cool or awesome
a daily necessity
hey Travis Seimster that shit that you did was totally "clutch"
by otis kimball July 30, 2009
4 10
being or doing something pro

usually used in accordance with games

rarely occurring in accordance with o12peasauruso

Also see pro
Man:Yo that kid just got a killionaire.

Woman: yeah i think his name is theclap46.

Man: Wow that kid is clutch.
by theclap46 July 20, 2009
11 17
the act of being like nick, who is the most clutch kid on the planet.
wow, nick is so clutch!
i wish i was as clutch as him
by aaronc. January 07, 2008
6 12
Everything that New York Yankee's third baseman Alex Rodriguez is not.
Bases loaded, game tied 5-5, Alex Rodriguez up to bat in clutch situation.


See: A-Rod's post-season numbers with Yankees.
by Laxorcist June 17, 2006
25 31