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One of the stupidest things ever, it ruins everything, and is one reason why America is looked upon so bad.
Hey Rick, want to go smoke our meth?

Hold on, i got to go brush my tooth, you got to for that 7 day sleep i just had.
by Btabs1 July 12, 2010
47 21
Chlorine, bleach, cold medicine, and heat can cause explosions while cooking and cause a house fire, its bad for you don't do it!
Hey nick come do this fresh batch of Meth i just cooked,
Nick says: Naw man im gunna go hit a blunt.
by DSMCRAZE July 27, 2007
80 53
An extremely addictive stimulant drug that looks like crystallized pee. Look at the other definitions for the details about it and the scumbags who make it. Meth is made in labs that smell very acrid (like ammonia or acetone) and are usually found in the Midwestern United States, but generally all around North America. If you find a place that has lots of cough medicine, disfigured gas canisters, baggies, coffee filters, batteries, glassware, and generally looks and smells like a second rate toxic waste dump, get out of there and call the police.
Fred: This place looks like Satan's chemical lab; it smells like piss and there's a practically rabid mastiff guarding it.

George: What are you doing standing there? We're near a freaking meth lab; we need to get the hell out of here and bust these chumps!
by Pianoforte February 14, 2010
46 28
A shit drug for rednecks and white kids.
Meth is considered poor mans cocaine
Crystal Meth is considered White Boy Crack
Yaw I'm flyin' on speed(meth), I've been up for 3 days, I cant stop scratching myself, and my teeth are falling out!
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
58 47
Abbreviation for methamphetamine. A great alternative to sleeping, eating, showering and sanity. Can also cause user to feel the need to take shit apart for no good reason and they may also have hallucinations (aka shadow people). Also causes an increased desire for sex or extremely long masturbation sessions if sex is unavailable.
Hey would you like to go grab some lunch?

No thanks I just smoked a bowl of meth, so I'm gonna go jerk off for a while.
by Wasuntme March 04, 2014
8 0
Meth, An Abbreviation for the word Methamphetamine, or Other terms include, Crystal Meth, Dope, Ice, Shake and Bake, Their are a few way to properly make these chemical highs, the Mexicans make in coolers, Yes like the cooler you store your soda pop in, another and more dangerous way to produce this chemical high, Is shake and bake, a cheap and completely dispicable way to produce this product, usually resulting in bad drugs, blown up homes, saddened families, people going to prison, the drug it's self, completely addictive unless the user really wants to let it go.
(Crystal meth) Hey ese dig that cooler outta the ground homes! We need our product!
(shake) you've got to mix these perfectly like this... BOOM!!
by Backyard Chemist December 05, 2011
41 33
1. noun, a harmful psycho-stimulant, short for methamphetamine. Commonly used by white trailer trash, commonly referred to as "White Boy's Crack". Highly addictive, it can cause sever psychosis and other mental illnesses, as well as wounds covering the skin due to a sensation of bugs crawling beneath it. Don't do meth, kids.

2. noun, extremely potent marijuana, also referred to as "mef", as defined by the Wu-Tang Clan.
"Hey James, wanna go down a long, awful path with me, where we'll be forced to suck dick for a fix and probably end up dying from an overdose? I've got some meth."

"All right, y'all get your White Owl
Get your meth, get your skins
Don't forget your forty
And we gonna do it like this"

- M.E.T.H.O.D Man - Wu-Tang Clan
by ShadeOfBrooklyn November 09, 2013
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