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1. The president, and a very moonstruck one at that.
2. A disgrace to bushes and all alike.
3. The biggest mistake.
1. Justin: Damn, Bush made me feel smart.
2. More trees, less Bush.
3. Damn I might have flunked that test, but did you see Bush on T.V. yesterday?
by Myst November 15, 2004
graffiti, generala large a two color bubble letter representation of a graffiti artists name
by myst September 24, 2002
A word that really means, "sperm pool". Something a man creates, or a really WEIRD woman makes.
Nice puddle there, Adrian.
by Myst November 15, 2004
The number of theses that Martin Luther posted up on the Wittenburg Church in Europe. This groundbreaking event shattered common belief and the Church's influence. His 95 theses sparked the reformation world wide. This gradually led to the Glorious revolution where Churches had less power, Catholic rule was decreased, and people became literate. Johannes Guttenburg's invention of the printing press helped Martin Luther spread his ideas like a wild fire.
A: Yo dawg, you read em 95 theses?
B: Yo, yo. Fasho.
A: I'mma hell cap dem Priests and Church leaders, yo.
B: Word.
by Myst November 14, 2005
A infamous gamer who is 1337 without the h4X.
Q: Did you see that replay of Myst?
A: Yeah, he was h4X0riNg!
Q: Nah dude, you're just a fucking dumbass.
by Myst November 15, 2004
An extension of all the other ways of saying "DAMN! THAT NIGGA GOT FUCKED UP!"
Damn dawg, that nigga got iced.
by Myst November 15, 2004
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