1. Methamphetamine

2. methyl alcohol, denturated alcohol
If you don't stop snorting that meth you might hive a heart attack some day.
by Light Joker November 09, 2006
glass, yank, crank, speed, up, push, ice, rock.

Any methanphetamine based central nervous system stimulant.
You've got your big jeans. I got my glass pipe.
by Denis Baldwin September 24, 2003
Twack, Gak, Yuck, Shit, Dope, Crys, Ick, Shardz, Ice, Crank, Skank, Nope, Cut, White, A bag, A load, A puddle... Shardz that you dilute in gatorade, draw up and when you inject it you can kinda taste the flavor of the gatorade during the rush that gets you high... or you can TRY to get high by smoking, snorting, eating, or booty bumping it but evrything's a waste of time and money except a mainline. It's highly addictive and the comedown, (crash) is one of the worst things to experience.
Half the definition of Crystal meth should be Bunk words, cause 1/2 the bags you buy are cut to hell anyway... let's be savage and split this last load...
by SillyJ May 15, 2006
A drug which induces a feeling of euphoria amongst its users.
Made from chemicals once easilly obtained meth production is now decreasing do to the lack of accessibility to effedrin.
It is a drug which turns people in to zombies. Meth is the new heroin and is quickly ravishing small communities across the U.S.. Meth addicts often participate in sexual activities which are high risk. They often are homosexuals and or pedophiles.
"I'll sell you my daughter for a teener of meth. I can always have more kids."
by Billy LaPierre September 29, 2006
Damn I'm tweaken hard, lets go pull a motor.
by tree ninja October 19, 2003
Short for Methamphetamine.
Short for Method Man (world's 2nd best rapper).
"Wanna do some Meth?"
"Wanna listen to Meth?"
by Diego July 04, 2003
good clean fun for the whole family
meth: do it for the kids
by akary June 09, 2006

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