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its a friendly word for some one.
hello budminda you alright?
by zoe October 08, 2004
a combination of shit a doody!!!
holy shidoody!!!
by zoe June 12, 2004
The day where Christians get "ashed" to remind themselves of their own mortality and the need to repent. also the traditional start of lent.
Hey it's Ash Wednesday, let's go get ashed then walk through the Casbah!
by Zoe March 02, 2004
County where the heads of the public school system suffer from a severe case of storm-phobia.
Bob: Do we have school today?
Suzy: No, there's a 30% of snow.

MoCo Public School Director #1: Wow, look at that weather.
MoCo Public School Director #2: Yeah, today's gonna be a real scorcher.
MoCo Public School Director #1: How about a 2 hour delay?
MoCo Public School Director #2: Fine by me.
by zoe December 06, 2003
Abreviation of the popular file sharing program Kazaa Lite K Plus Plus (K++). A version of Kazaa without spyware but with added tools to help you download faster. Still available, you just have to look hard.
Kazaa lite is the best file sharing program
by Zoe January 18, 2005
there is no man on this earth that can compare to the hotness of deryck
and the fact that he comes from canada makes it even better canada is teh best place in the world
deryck is my god
by Zoe March 12, 2004
Our friend Granie is a bondage obssessed gimp. He longs for a gimpsuit and enjoys talking about playing with himself and sexmonkies. His ginger mullet is growing out of control and will probably soon take over the world.
Granie, ''Get me that sexmonkey in a gimpsuit!''
to the guy out of the Darkness,
''give ya fiver for that cool suit!!''
by Zoe November 26, 2003

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