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58 definitions by zoe

Comes from the word "chill". If you seperate the beginning and end of the word, you get chi-ll. The "chi" at the beginning is obviously where the chi of 'chi dubs' comes from. Then, you have the "-ll" end of the word "chill" since it is a double l, you just abbreviate this and simply call it dubs, a shortened verious of double. Combine the two and you get Chi-dubs.
What are you doin right now?
Eh, just chi dubs. you?
by Zoe March 30, 2005
to but ur 1st finger behind ur thumd and put pressur on it till it realeses
u do it to ur emenys alot, if ur immatur
by zoe June 10, 2004
snorting cocaine

or it can also refer to a person...a skeeter(someone who snorts cocaine)
don't hang out with them they are skeeters.
by Zoe February 16, 2005
A hooded sweatshirt with a zipper. Developed in metrodetroit in the sixties. Doubles as a nickname for John.
It's cold and I think I'm going to sport my groovy snoid tonight.
by Zoe October 05, 2004
Device used by the police to catch speeding motorists (and raise revenue). Usually in the shape of a hand held gun.
"I heard on the radio that there is a radar up ahead."
by Zoe February 21, 2005
1. penis
2. niiiiiice
1. Dude, Grant fell on me and I accidentally grabbed his nodge.
2. Our team just scored! Nodge!
by Zoe October 05, 2003
this is sooooo my word i fully made it up! its like ur a knob, or ur being knobular! i also made up the word shitfucks whilst in a freezing cold sea, attempting to swaim, haha.
stop it u r being knobular!
by zoe October 06, 2004