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Abreviation of the popular file sharing program Kazaa Lite K Plus Plus (K++). A version of Kazaa without spyware but with added tools to help you download faster. Still available, you just have to look hard.
Kazaa lite is the best file sharing program
by Zoe January 18, 2005
the process in which a young boy become a gay individual in the presents of gay men and queer eye 4 the straight guy.
that boy has a bad case of poofinismer
by zoe October 11, 2004
nice ass but still cute looking teacher
Nice Bum where ya from Mr. Sauve ;)
by zoe May 12, 2003
see fugu. Blowfish is served as a delicacy in Japan, but can be potentially deadly.
"I want to try the blowfish, even though it is bland, the excitement is worth it."
by Zoe February 21, 2005
Several individuals exactly alike.
Adjective: Large Ta-ta's, Likes to "bop", Cretin, Champ
"they're cousins, identical cousins, they're Phrank"
by zoe April 08, 2005
when you do lacrosse and excersize all in one day
dude my friend and i did some lexcercosse today!
by Zoe April 07, 2005
Comes from the word "chill". If you seperate the beginning and end of the word, you get chi-ll. The "chi" at the beginning is obviously where the chi of 'chi dubs' comes from. Then, you have the "-ll" end of the word "chill" since it is a double l, you just abbreviate this and simply call it dubs, a shortened verious of double. Combine the two and you get Chi-dubs.
What are you doin right now?
Eh, just chi dubs. you?
by Zoe March 30, 2005

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