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11 definitions by zizzy

What whats-her-face says when she tries to pose with a possum on her leg.
by Zizzy September 26, 2003
The not so popular but cool member of teen girl squad!
nothing is cool.

What's her face, you can go to a thrift store.
by Zizzy September 27, 2003
some people have headgear. Fran could play linebacker for the raiders.
Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.
by Zizzy September 25, 2003
THE BURNINATOR! he burns peasants and houses. And has a big arm. And he is in an S shape.

He is a dragon-man!
or he is just a DRAGON.
by Zizzy September 27, 2003
A video game controller, comes in all different types. Either that, or a Dick. lol..it's just an appropriate for it..
Hey I got a sidewinder joystick for christmas!

OR...That guy's joystick is looong...
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
Brown, lumpy, mushy, smelly, cone shaped object that comes right from the butt-y-hole. Sometimes blue, but only if you eat deep blue cotton candy. (And I reccomend you keep it in the toilet.)
Wow I had a biiiig poop last night!
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
For some reason nickelodeon tries to be "cool" by having a Winizzle.
Winstantly win in the winizzle! X_X
by Zizzy November 19, 2003