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What whats-her-face says when she tries to pose with a possum on her leg.
by Zizzy September 26, 2003
The not so popular but cool member of teen girl squad!
nothing is cool.

What's her face, you can go to a thrift store.
by Zizzy September 27, 2003
THE BURNINATOR! he burns peasants and houses. And has a big arm. And he is in an S shape.

He is a dragon-man!
or he is just a DRAGON.
by Zizzy September 27, 2003
some people have headgear. Fran could play linebacker for the raiders.
Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.
by Zizzy September 25, 2003
A video game controller, comes in all different types. Either that, or a Dick. lol..it's just an appropriate for it..
Hey I got a sidewinder joystick for christmas!

OR...That guy's joystick is looong...
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
Brown, lumpy, mushy, smelly, cone shaped object that comes right from the butt-y-hole. Sometimes blue, but only if you eat deep blue cotton candy. (And I reccomend you keep it in the toilet.)
Wow I had a biiiig poop last night!
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
For some reason nickelodeon tries to be "cool" by having a Winizzle.
Winstantly win in the winizzle! X_X
by Zizzy November 19, 2003

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