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avoiding the recognition of how old you are
Age Denial can be accomplished by not looking in mirrors and/or not wearing glasses
by yuba gurl July 13, 2012
those who are superficial
the superficialites thought they were better than everyone
by yuba gurl January 21, 2013
when you can't afford an attorney, the fees or even the gas to get to Bankruptcy Court, you just declare Common Law Bankruptcy (In Pro Per..means "I represent myself").
who knows better than YOU how much money you don't have & how you just can't make payments on credit cards.
when the collection agency called, i declared Common Law Bankruptcy (In Pro Per).
by yuba gurl June 22, 2012
Concerned only with your own welfare
He's doing well with his Selfare
by yuba gurl July 08, 2014
when you want to make The Scene, but don't have a car
We were Foot-cruisin' Bob's Big Boy
by yuba gurl January 21, 2013
Abba tunes done in Ska Style
that Skabba sounds great
by yuba gurl August 26, 2012
self-defeating just as you're about to achieve success
he was about to close the deal and Success Anxiety messed him up
by yuba gurl July 13, 2012

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