40 definitions by yeah

How to tell if you're a nerd:
When hearing the letters AC you think of Asheron's Call.
by yeah June 24, 2003
"fo shizzle my nizzo"
by yeah September 15, 2003
when some one says some thing dumb or stupid
the sky is blue "nigga thats hands"
by YEAH November 06, 2003
internet rubbing cock chicks
you nerds can only get cyber sex, w00t
by yeah May 19, 2003
group of joops, usually on the loud side
that tribe is heading right for us, take cover
by yeah September 27, 2003
there's really no exact meaning for the phrase. it can really be used when talking about anything.
Hey man, cut the fuck?

Want to go back to my place and cut the fuck?


This is boring, let's cut the fuck and go to Denny's.
by yeah January 03, 2004

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