40 definitions by yeah

pussy that smells like fish
i like fish tacos
by yeah April 27, 2003
The benton boys, brandon and darren are cool Brooke is hot as crap.
YESSS i going to see the bentons
by yeah January 12, 2005
some people are really pathetic
by yeah June 15, 2003
something that if u get it hard youll have a nice cream filling waiting for you
by yeah May 15, 2003
1.(n)a STudious yet IGnorant individual. Witnessed often by those who excel academically but are genuinely unintelligent.
"Look at the Honor Roll list. Fuckin' stigs."
by Yeah October 23, 2004
Some shitty movie involving teens at a summer drama camp confused about their sexual preference. Not a good representation of homosexuals through their behavior and that fact that the cast is pretty much ass-ugly all the way through.
Camp was, well... campy.
by yeah September 18, 2004
shit face fucker
Aaron:yer mom is hot
Mandeep:i know i would do her too
by yeah January 13, 2004

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