40 definitions by yeah

Extremely drunk. Comes from the East Coast.
Man, that pirate hooker was so drotted last night she gave me a reach around and then passed out!
by Yeah June 17, 2006
illegal chinese immigrant.
Unde, chu are so bery azn.

Unde, chinese bamboo is bery stwong.
by yeah November 16, 2003
when some thing is good or something good happend
did you bring the food? yeah. Good shit on that
by YEAH November 06, 2003
Weed (of any quality) with no seeds.
I smoked some dank; yeah, it was sincemelia.
by Yeah January 08, 2005
The term used to describe Bryan's left nutty
Guess what guys? I Pinched Nutterson again!
by Yeah December 02, 2004
you deepthroat camel cock
by yeah May 24, 2003
being a dyke who yet still loves the cock
diikiey loves the crusty nutsack
by yeah May 17, 2003
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