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The pronunciation of "fuck" by John Malkovic's character "Teddy KGB" in the movie "Rounders" at the end when Matt Damon says "don't splash the pot".
"...and in my club, I'll splash the pot whenever the Fack I please."
by worm February 24, 2005
When you're getting a blow job and you slap the chick on her forehead w/ your cock
She was giving me a blowjob and i whipped it out and fdunked her.
by worm March 26, 2004
one who eats cock
That cockeater of a whore gives good head!
by worm September 19, 2003
A term used to express suprise or shock. Can be synonym for Another term for "Holy cow!" or "Holy shit!" Taken from vgcats.com.
"Hooba jooba you scared the crap out of me!"
by Worm April 14, 2005
to steal, to drive fast, or a joint.
I smoked some zoi, zoied a car and then zoied off down the highway!
by worm September 19, 2003
mullet. Post men grow their hair like this so that their necks don't get sun burnt.
Man, check out the posty on that squiff zeph mother fucker!
by worm September 19, 2003
skew, when referring to an individual's sexual preferance.
That homo is squiff as a carebear!
by worm September 19, 2003

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