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even funnier than laughing your ass off,is laughing like a hyena,the most famous of all laffers.
The funniest thing you ever heard,you couldn't stop laughing,you were LLAH.
by woodpile February 08, 2010
A gay guy sucking another guy,that fag knows how to bob the nob.
bob is a general name for a guy,who is gay,that loves oral sex.A gay man who would rather bob the nob,suck your cock,then take it up the ass.
by woodpile January 25, 2010
Busted A Gut Laffing My Ass Off
Thats the funnest thing I ever heard, I BAGLMAF
by woodpile January 21, 2010
a big hardon in your pants
every time she takes her top off it's a real trouser-rouser
by woodpile January 20, 2010
A person who can't get enough sex,or masterbates several times a day,the only movement they want to make,thier an up and down clown
He's a real up and down clown thats the fifth time today that he has jacked off.She can never give enough blow jobs a real up and down clown.
by woodpile January 25, 2010
she gave you the best blow job you ever had, She Sucks Like A Porn Star
That wasn't any lame half assed blowjob,she was a pro SSLAPS
by woodpile January 24, 2010
$00.25 here a quarter call someone who gives a shit
Don't give your lame ass excuces,here a $00.25 call someone who cares.
by woodpile January 21, 2010
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