Top Definition
a ginger 'fro.

"Jaf" as in jaffa oranges.
"fro" as in Afro
Cob hasn't been to the hairdresser's in 5 years, and now has a huge Jaffro.
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
Bearer of large cock
"Wow, that's quite a jaffro you have there"
by Balsac the Mighty January 27, 2003
angry red faced man
by ya mama January 27, 2003
owner of bannage button
haha u got banned must have been jaffro
by hoota January 29, 2003
A cross between a Black & an Asian; the hairstyle of an African-Asian.
Laetrecia Chung has jaffro bigger than Beyonce!
by Corey da Whorey March 26, 2003
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