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Record label, the home of the stereophonics
if you like V2 you like the phonics
by wonderfool April 09, 2004
unnecessary use of lol. This is used when someone says lol although there is no need to laugh
-I'm from Ireland


-Dude, thats an uuol, there's nothing funy about being Irish
by wonderfool April 07, 2004
A record company, it has signed bands like the stereophonics I believe
phonix are signed to V2
by wonderfool April 03, 2004
noun. 1. The act of conjungtriating
2. A trio of people who conjungtriate
Tarro Mat and I have formed a conjungtriation, where i now laugh like Mat, Tarro spekas like me, and Mat does all the dumb things I do
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
(origin unknown, possibly influenced by alcohol). to be a member of a group of 3 people who continually take on each others characteristics
because me Mat and Tarro have been living together so long and spending so much time together, we have conjungtriated
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
a person who you bump into, normally in a club or a festival campsite, who comes up and talks to you, and you have a long pointless conversation. normally the random and yourself are pissed when said conversation occurs. if in a festival campsite, give the random a beer, or wine or dope.
We' were getting stoned at Glasto, when this random wearing a Velvet Underground T-Shirt came into our circle and chatted to us about his vision he had.
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
we all know what it means, just we dont know how to pronounce it.
I prefer my way of saying www. your's takes too long
by wonderfool December 03, 2003

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