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Act of farting a wet fart at which point you shit ur pants unexpecdedly causing mass embarrassment and requiring a fresh set a underwear and a throu cleaning of ur dick,balls,and ass this will usually happen at a resturant or in ur cat
Dude did u see frank shart last week it was so fucking funny dude
by wolfwind March 06, 2009
the act of asking a dude/chick out over a phone call or text message
person 1:are u cellating her

person 2:maybe
by wolfwind March 09, 2009
to leave a place with extreme speed and agility,usually done when trying not to be seen or caught for something you have done
Person 1:dude you just kicked her door off its fucking hinges

person 2:yea i kno dude let freakin jet before we get caught
by wolfwind March 11, 2009
Fear of the brand polaroid,ranging from polaroid's dvd players to there tv's the only known cure for this phobia is to buy a polaroid brand tv and break it over the victims head while he/she eats a piece of lemon cake
Man she has a total polaroidaphoia

Yea i kno and the funny thing is thats the only brand of electronics her parents buy
by wolfwind March 11, 2009

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