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'multi-' is a combining form meaning more than one or two.

'cultural' is the adjective of 'culture' - synonym: 'civilization'

'multicultural' stands for many different 'civilizations' ~ 'nations'
It was rather a multicultural society we grew up in.

Our teachers taught us that the heart and the spirit determine an individual and not the looks.
by Barbara Gauss October 29, 2005
<adjective> Containing or pertaining to more than one culture.
1. London's a really multicultural city: only about half the population are "White British" and some 300 different languages are spoken by inhabitants of the city!

2. My dad's Greek and my mum's half-Chinese, half-Iroquois, and I was raised in South Africa but went to university in Switzerland, so I guess I'm pretty multicultural!
by backpacker_x2 February 01, 2011
A word commonly used by Americans to signify their personal beliefs in such a way to show that they are one of the few Americans the rest of the world should not hate or ostracize.
Jane: "I'm going to go see China and visit North Korea this summer on vacation." Dick: "Good luck with that your American." Jane:"It's ok I'm 'Multicultural'"
by jp289 June 28, 2010
a person characterized by accepting certain aspects of other cultures in accordance to their personality
being multicultural is a few away from a stereotype a someone can get
by naxili April 10, 2007