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28 definitions by whitey

One's anus.
I'm gonna kick you in your mud-twat.

I shouldn't have eaten that KFC. My mud-twat's out of whack.
by Whitey May 24, 2004
A word which has two meanings so that you can use it to get out of lying.
Definition 1: To have sex with.
Definition 2: To be turned down by a girl when moving in for a kiss.
Larson: So, how did the date go?
Ted: She Spilked me!
Larson: Sweeeeet!
by Whitey October 02, 2003
1. The unusual state of being both cranky and angry simultaneously.
2. Cranberry angry
After watching Spy Kids, he was filled with cranger.
by Whitey June 07, 2003
button without an 'o'
"the hardest buttn to buttn"
by whitey November 07, 2003
"For sure, my ni**er."
"Definitely, my good friend."
"Y'all headin' ta Tre's BBQ?"
"Fo shizzle my nizzo, that shit's gonna be off the heezy fo sheezy."
by Whitey September 15, 2003
got damn virus
Did you get hit with the sobig virus jamal?

Nah dog you know they dont gots compooters in the projects son!
by Whitey August 23, 2003
Similar to the 'Hot Carl' sexual maneuver, where one partner defecates in the other's mouth.
Brent straightlined his domestic partner Brad.
by Whitey August 19, 2003