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Cutesy prononciation of muffin.
"Which do you prefer, cookies or muffins?"

by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life June 29, 2005
61 19
Another word for boyfriend
"I want a moofin so bad!"
by StiV Bennet December 27, 2007
10 18
A south-african term used to define a dirty tire or pussy
Her moofin is all over my moofins! Damnit!
by yummydaddy November 05, 2009
3 14
Created in Perth, Western Australia it describes a Muff, cunt etc.

Also used as a term of excitement or agreement with something someone has done. An affirmative answer to a question.
"I boned her sweet moofin"

"Want a beer?" "Moofin!"
by Whitey February 03, 2005
5 29