28 definitions by whitey

some one who cannot stop drinking coke products
If jon Drinks anymore coke they are going to have to schwack his foot
by Whitey November 11, 2003
Similar to the 'Hot Carl' sexual maneuver, where one partner defecates in the other's mouth.
Brent straightlined his domestic partner Brad.
by Whitey August 19, 2003
To amputate an appendage or to hit with extreme force
Damn man that Asian really swhacked patrick's leg off good!
by Whitey November 14, 2003
A german nigger pirate
You're a huge t-box.
by Whitey April 13, 2005
One who Likes Balls and Scrotums
Hello, Scrotty!

pronounced Scr oh Tee
by whitey September 08, 2003
A large marijuana cigarette. Short for "lugar".
Yo, spark it up, Dave rolled a fat luge.
by whitey September 30, 2003
Created in Perth, Western Australia it describes a Muff, cunt etc.

Also used as a term of excitement or agreement with something someone has done. An affirmative answer to a question.
"I boned her sweet moofin"

"Want a beer?" "Moofin!"
by Whitey February 03, 2005
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