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The act of leaning with one's back against a smooth surface, and sliding down while keeping one's feet in the same place such that the knees finish tucked into the chest.
I leant against the locker and shlumped down.
by Checkee-Shoes-Ain't-Amused March 17, 2010
1,000,000,000 times love
My cat whiskers is so awesome, i shlump her
by johndeere7589 August 14, 2005
A person who really sucks at his/her job!
Dude your mom is a shlump!
by DABEAST55 March 20, 2009
Shitty lump
I haven't showered in 3 days, I feel like a real shlump.
by Juju November 11, 2014
To listen to music really loud
I shlumped down the street
by titothegreat December 28, 2006
to kill or to beat up someone, this word can also be used if u pwn3 someone at something.
im gunna shlump you nigga!


man! i shlump't you at basketball today nigga
by omega blaze October 22, 2008
a description word for something atrociously hideous
Oh for bloody fucks sake, what are you wearing a bloody shlump bag?
by andrea November 05, 2004

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