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Performing analingus on your best bro.
After a lengthy bout of latently homoerotic horseplay, John found himself getting a mustache ride from his bro, Randy. Said Randy to John as he took a break: “Enjoying that bruhnilingus, bro?”
by weyus October 24, 2014
The sudden realization that oneself is a homosexual.
After a failed marriage, and a frustrating dating life with several women, Bob had a gaypiphany.
by weyus November 08, 2009
The act of dispensing glitter onto the face of a sex partner immediately after ejaculating onto the aforementioned face.
Janet: "OMG, Suzy, you look fabulous!"

Suzy: "Yeah, my boyfriend just came over and glitterblasted me."
by weyus May 12, 2013
To use the iPhone 4's Facetime video calling feature whilst shitfaced.
I was out of town on a business trip, I got hammered one night and decided to shitfacetime my girlfriend and see if she would show me her tits.
by weyus August 04, 2010
1) Critical explanation or interpretation of a series of text messages in the hopes of constructing a coherent narrative from them.

2) The exegesis of text messages.
After Joe broke up with his girlfriend, he got hammered and texted her 25 times in 3 hours. The next morning, he had a significant bit of textegesis to do.
by weyus December 09, 2009
The act of walking home from a party or other social event where one has drunk too much and committed embarrassing acts, rather than that waiting for or asking for a ride. Often done clandestinely (i.e., without letting your friends know you left).

Usage: Shameabout can be used without an article, in the same way as safari or sabbatical (i.e., "on shameabout")
Partygoer #1 - Hey, where did Rick go?
Partygoer #2 - He had a few too many and started fondling the hostess with a soup ladle. Then he serenaded everyone with a rendition of "The Fat Boys Are Back" and threw up on the new sofa. I think he's on shameabout."
by weyus January 09, 2012
The echolocation tool men use when they piss in the dark to make sure they're hitting the toilet. This involves starting to urinate and listening carefully for the sound of the urine stream hitting the toilet water. If the sound is not heard, aiming adjustments are made until such time as the reassuring sound is heard.
Joe: "Man, I got home last night drunk, went in the bathroom, didn't turn on the light and ended up pissing all over the bathroom floor."
Bob: "You should have used piss sonar to find the toilet, bro."
Joe: "Oh."
by weyus August 19, 2013

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