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1. a really smart guy
2. a complete idiot
1. Wow! You must be Einstein!
2. You forgot the keys, Einstein.
by vv007!!! March 18, 2006
What a Frenchman does when he's really, really angry.
Materazzi: "ur mom is a terrorist whore"
Zidane: "O RLY?"
Materazzi: "YA RLY"
Zidane: "NO WAI!!!" (headbutts Materazzi)
by vv007!!! August 07, 2006
On the The Colbert Report (a show on Comedy Central at 11:30) episode "Wikiality", host Stephen Colbert asked viewers to add this sentence to Wikipedia, on the basis of wikiality, which means that if most people believe something to be true, then it becomes a fact. It can also be used randomly or as a joke.
Guy 1: "Hey wassup"
Guy 2: "The number of elephants has tripled in the last six months!"
by vv007!!! August 11, 2006
A prank where you step on the back of somebody's shoe and make it fall off.

1. Sandals. It is difficult to flat-tire a sandal, so a different strategy must be used. One way is to kick the sandal out. Occasionally, for fat, loose sandals, the normal method for flat-tiring works.
2. Boots. It is practically impossible to flat-tire an Ugg boot, so what you do is keep stepping on the shoe until it breaks, then they have to get new ones & you can flat-tire those.
3. Backpacks. When you flat-tire someone for quite a while, they become aware of you, but you've got another trick up your sleeve! Pretend to flat-tire that person, they'll dodge their shoe. At that time pull the back of their backpack & everything falls out.
I flat tired this kid and we started playing monkey in the middle with his shoe.
by vv007!!! May 21, 2008
A short animated video depicting a news report, often in a humorous way. This format was popularized on Youtube by the Taiwanese animation company Next Media Animation.
Did you see that Taiwanese animation of Justin Bieber vomiting?

That Taiwanese animation of Sarah Palin shooting moose from a helicopter was so funny! LOL!
by vv007!!! October 05, 2012
Chinglish word, from a mistranslation on a Chinese DVD cover. Means "longer than."
(From DVD cover)

New VideoDisc - HDVD9 Overlengthly 20 Hours Action - Prohibit the Unathorize Copy of VideoDisc
by vv007!!! June 12, 2008
the Spanish way of dissing another person's mom
¡Tu madre es caliente en la cama! (Your mom is hot in bed)
¡Tu madre es muy estupida! (Your mom is very stupid)
by vv007!!! March 18, 2006

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