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A liberal, progressive, or left-wing person who promotes irrational conspiracy theories involving conservatives.
Helen is a moonbat - she thinks Ronald Reagan ordered the murder of John Lennon becuse of Lennon's anti-war views.
by vonTrips August 29, 2009
Female breasts that - when seen in the nude - are much larger than would have been surmized from observing them clothed.
When Ellen took off her blouse, I was amazed out how large her breasts were. I realized immediately that she had stealth tits, delightfully larger than I would have guessed by seeing her walk down the street.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
Female breasts that are of moderate size. "Polite tits" are noticeable and may contribute to a nice figure, but are not so large as to attract the attention or interest of hard-core "tit men" or to become the subject of breast jokes. Polite tits may attract your attention, but they don't demand it.
Jane had nice, polite tits, but Joe was looking for a girl with some real hooters.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
Applauding before a performance is finished. This refers to situations where some or all of the audience think that the performance is over, NOT because they think its superlative quality merits mid-performance applause.
Everyone applauded because they thought or hoped the song was over, but there was one more tedious verse. Terri whispered to me, "Whoops! Premature clapulation."
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
A mental condition characterized by an habitually uncritical and reverential attitude towards the personality, words, and actions of Barack Obama.
A significant percentage of the press have become thoroughly lobamatized.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
The central point of the swirl of hair located at the upper-rear (parietal) area of the human head.
As I took my seat in the theatre, I noticed that the auburn-haired woman in front of me had a particularly well-defined weaslenut.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
A shaved female pubic area. Shaved pussy.
With the fortune he inherited from his grandmother, Edward founded a new porn magazine called "Shaved Schniz," which featured pictures of shaved pussies.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
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