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Leaonardo is de name of a lion humanized. Very often a latino that is unstoppable. Is a natural winner. If the government of canada says no, he can say yes!, prove it and stay. Is an activist found in every social event. Known by anyone in the town.

Also can become a really good friend. Everyone should have a leonardo friend.
Leonardo is a winner
by kamadeva February 06, 2010
A very very very cute sexy italian boy.
Everyone sees him as a man whore but deep down inside he's the perfect boyfriend.

he usually has curly brown hair, brown eyes, and is built:)

He knows exactly how to make girls smile and makes the world a better place.

Oh and he has a huge italian sausage;)
:) Leonardo is perfect, and mine forever.
I am in love with him.
by AliciaLovesLeonardo March 25, 2010
The Blue Bandana wearing member of TMNT or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, named after Leonardo Da Vinci. He is the leader of the group who takes his 'ninjitsu' life seriously and keeps the group in line. He lost one hand and insead of a prosthetic hand made by his brother Donatello he wears a steel dome which has a retractable blade.
Leonardo kicks ass!
by dawgdawgdawg January 18, 2009
Comes from the name leon, very good person, has a bery huge penis, jawbreaker for women

Will make you girls cum, really fast

He is usually a latino, people call him "el trozador"
by Jake75 December 13, 2013
A very sexy hot fit spicy and dashing italian guy, who always dies!
Tanya- Hey who is the hot italian!??
Rasha- i think he is one hot Leonardo
Tanya- He sure is! oh no!! He died!
by buy leonardo mugs November 16, 2011
An annoying little piece of shit that refuses to go down the pan after the main dreadnought has sunk.

Named after the little actor who annoyingly floated around, refusing to die quickly at the end of Titanic.
Wendy, my god, you've left a leonardo in trap 1. JRs up there now with a plunger but still hasn't managed to sink it.
by Bumlog Millionaire August 04, 2010
Gay faggot
everyone hates him very cocky and acts like he has a huge dick
but he cant get aboner thas why it looks like he has a big dick
generally a hateful boy from hull
look at that faggot!
he is leonardo
well that explains it
by Master222 December 06, 2010