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Mean overly sarcastic comment that deeply hurts people and scars them for life. It may lead them to develop self esteem issues for the rest of their lives and suicidal tendencies.
Dee slapped Mr. F. Patel with a scarcastic comment about his pizza face, and he cried himself to sleep the rest of his life.
by Vishal January 29, 2008
A jewish Kris Katan lookalike elf who come out at night and go to the club's and tries to get VIP there, if he fail's he yells "SHADY!" if he get's it he yells "FATTY!"
Is that a bird, a plane, a Kris Katan no its a Krovitz raving

Maaan, I got VIP at Rain and it was soo FATTY, but at Mantra they didn't let me that was so SHADY!
by vishal March 14, 2004
when things go totally wrong; fucked up shit
dude this week is gonna be bhane
by Vishal April 11, 2005
The Ruler of the Brown World
God of 2T
Master of RPG
Lord of all that is Existant
Also Known As ST
Also Known As Vishal
Also Known As The Brown Machine
The Ladies rode Lindor because he was the Brown Machine and soon, they became holy as Lindor was the One.
by Vishal December 21, 2004
one who fucks his own daughter....
every one in this world is a betichodh
by vishal April 08, 2005
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