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Meaning; Ultimate lover. A loyal and determined person with a caring outlook. Soft hearted and generous persona. Often thought to be good lovers due to the sensuality associated with corresponding letter-soundings. Indian in origin, decending directly from legendary heroes of Love from the past. Fighter and lover in one, they are all rounded companions because of their passion for Love.
A random: So, what's your man's name?
Ulrika: Vishal.
A random: Oh really? Vishal! No wonder you're with him.
Ulrika: ;).
by Ulz September 26, 2007
An Indian name meaning vast, broad, great, or grand in Sanskrit. Sometimes specifically referenced to the ocean (big/vast like the ocean) implying depth (of personality, character, etc.) and the meaning alternates from Hindi, Gujarati, and Sanskrit.
"Omg! It's Vishal!"
"Whoa! He's HUGE!"
by Mr. Vish June 26, 2007
a name meaning strong-minded, with lots of heart and passion. Vishal can also refer to that ridiculously good looking man who used to live in the OC and who knows he is fly...BALLIN!!!
whoa dude, check out Vishal! that boy is what it's all about!
by An Onymous March 27, 2007
vishal's are very sweet, putting others before themselves as they have huge hearts, always making sure those they care about are happy and smiling, you can never go wrong being friends with somebody called vishal. Their hearts reflect the meaning of their name, grand and vast like the ocean, being very deep and caring, they are genuinely lovely people!
vishal: oi tell me whats wrong

person: no it's fine

vishal: no i want you to be happy and smiley x
by cuppehcake April 24, 2011
1)the sweetest guy on the planet,
2)extremely hot, beautiful green eyes
3)makes my heart skip a beat wenever he's near me
4)most passionate kisser, specialy when standing under trees at the park
5)he likes green apples
6)he likes red grappes (sometimes tries to peel the skin off)
7) he will always have a special place in my heart
girl: oooo it smells sexy, like musk?
girl2: must be vishal

girl:aah i wish i could have a guy like vishal in my life

by vishal's mix race barbie doll March 13, 2009
You are a Vishal when you are brown, from India and pretend you come from London
-Hi, I am Vishal, I come from London
-No, you come from India
by neilthestinger December 29, 2011
A word with Sanskrit origins- meaning to copulate with a baby goose while fondling it's mother's mammary glands.
Why is Vishal vishaling that poor goose? Shouldn't he be doing this to a dead baby instead? Or taking the MCAT or something?
by The Black Mamba (E+L) July 09, 2010
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