64 definitions by victor

n. scrotum, a ball sac
suck my bag, hoe.
i dropped my bag in her mouth while she was asleep
by Victor April 14, 2003
when something starng jhappens
origin south east london
ur girl chesated on u thats deep
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
n. a thing (white community slang-kids trying to be black and messing up the word "jaun")
let's go to the movies because there's this new jaunt i wanted to see.

look at that jaunt over there.
by Victor April 11, 2003
east london uk
crashed computer
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
when a girls pussy smells like fish and its crusty
"hey dez, ed told me your vagina was like fish and chips".
by victor March 17, 2005
same meaning to steal
Let's go nige something today.
by Victor March 07, 2004
To hang out & relax with your friends.
"Are you going out tonight?"

"Naw, I'm just gonna bug out with my boys"
by Victor January 07, 2005

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