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Noun. 6'0 male who plays basketball, tells no lies, has a turtlehead, a wet j', loves halpin and is sweated by cheeseburger chutt.
Over there is a Pumuellin who is playing basketball, not swearing or lying and talking to halpin who is being sweated by cheeseburger chutt.
by Victor May 07, 2005
n. a individual's head. Noggin. Seen in cartoon "Tardz"
he took that softball straight to the dome!
i can't learn anymore...my dome is full.

"you're dome is tyour power" ~tardz
by Victor April 11, 2003
Place that should be nuked into orbit, with all the remaining parts of the damn chihuahua, and along with its employees, franchisees, and executives.
Finally, some annoying company has been shot out of our planet, including all the restaraunts, and their corporate HQ, with EVERYONE that uses those buildings.
by victor December 07, 2003
v. to beat someone up.
he don't watch his mouth, he gonna get flipped.
by Victor April 11, 2003
A small black jamacian kid with a fat head and freakishly ginourmus and talks with a slight lisp
look at that nsien talking with his slight lisp and his ginourmusly large ears playing pinocle with his fat head
by Victor May 07, 2005
A wet flappy fart noise that is emmitted from the pus when air is brought into it. It usually creates a sloppy "ppppfffftttt" noise followed by a wet fart and the rapid flapping of pussy lips. Sometimes white chunks of seman have been known to fly out of my friends vagina.
"Alli queefed after the shower and a huge cum ball flew out."
by Victor April 14, 2003
Noun. Something you call a boy named patrick who is extremly blonde with alot of pimples who skates and plays guitar.
Poomtrick is overthere skating and playing guitar.
by Victor May 07, 2005

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