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liverpool uk
type of person
lives of benefits works cash in hand
has no job complains about rich people
wears track suits
generally young
that boys a scally
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
fake ass people. trying to look like a balla but really aint.
that foo with his fake ass rolex, what a shiny hubcap.
by victor April 02, 2005
slanged up english
ebonics: fo shizzle my nizzle. holla bak fo a 40 n mah grill.
english: of course my african american friend. Come back to have a drink in my home.
by victor March 15, 2004
n. a haircut in which the front is longer than the back, the back is strategically placed in a wild manner, and the front is pushed to the side.
yeah i'm gonna go to the salon tomorrow and get a jeci
by victor February 04, 2004
A decent ragnarok online server using Aegis software. Located at an internet cafe known as treehouse net, thats where treeRO's roots were derived from. Known for its friendly community, treeRO is expected to grow as time passes.
You hear about treeRO? It has over 700 regged accounts!
by victor August 09, 2003
n. a person that plays the drums. Joe Fitzgerald.
Yo, spindle, get me a beat!
by Victor April 11, 2003
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