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64 definitions by victor

A wet flappy fart noise that is emmitted from the pus when air is brought into it. It usually creates a sloppy "ppppfffftttt" noise followed by a wet fart and the rapid flapping of pussy lips. Sometimes white chunks of seman have been known to fly out of my friends vagina.
"Alli queefed after the shower and a huge cum ball flew out."
by Victor April 14, 2003
10 17
COME ON, go!
by victor December 07, 2003
1 10
jacked up stanky. made up by JV from the doghouse on 94.9
that pinto look janky
by victor April 02, 2005
3 13
where u take part in placing a live snail into a womans vagina. if it get caught then you cum in her and lube it up
yo last night i totally snail naled ellen
by victor February 24, 2005
4 17
east london
look at these creeps
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
12 25
OI is "Portuguese" definition that means Hi.
Oi Carla (Hi Carla).
Oi Mae, tudo bem? (Hi mom! How are you?)
by Victor December 05, 2003
9 22
My cousin Luis Quinteros
Luis is a kweer...huh scott?!
by VICTOR April 07, 2005
3 18