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spicy addon to sushi, and its very freaking spicy
don't put that wasabi in your roll, it's spicier than Taco Bell hot sauce, biatch.
by victor June 07, 2003
Cousin to the dirty sanchez, This manuever is done by inserting three fingers into the womans anus, and then rather than smearing it under her nose, you smear it under her eyes like warpaint of the navaho indians.
I gave that bitch a raunchy navaho
by Victor December 08, 2004
a very hard SAT word
yo wtf does abstemious mean?
by Victor November 14, 2004
A once-beautiful country lead by Fidel Castro, a corrupt fascist dictator. Foreign tourists are welcomed warmly by the regime, and there are several nice tourist spots in Cuba where Cuban citizens are not allowed to go. It is 70 miles southeast of Miami, and the US sees this as a threat, even though the Soviet Union was only a few miles west of Alaska.
Fidel Castro supported Iraq's Ba'athist regime by sending Cuban cigars to Saddam.

The only way to go to Cuba is to take a flight from Cancun to Havana in some old Russian two-prop plane.
by Victor September 20, 2004
Dropship Pilot and odd ball of Werner.

Forum troll, and occasional Fiction Writer.

Blame falls on him when things go wrong.

Damn it! We lost! Blame DodgeIt!
by Victor January 30, 2005
A level of difficulty in Dance Dance Revolution. ddr
Theres the beginner, light, heavy, and then the oni mode
by Victor December 14, 2003
a comment spontaneously uttered when entering an establishment where there is a fine looking young woman. A bastardization of bitch, beeyatch, etc.
pl. bizitches
the hotter the chicks at a given establishment the longer the word is stretched out
by victor October 29, 2003

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