37 definitions by vertigo

black person.
We miffloes have it going down tonight!
by Vertigo January 08, 2004
A Strong Bad-ism; viciously, violently; a brutal and terrible way to be devoured by gelatinous monsters
Some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster.
by Vertigo September 08, 2003
A noun a level up from "sweet." Best used in a short sentence or as a sentence by itself.
That new game is all sweetness.
by Vertigo September 02, 2002
fanatic; this Japanese word is used in the common language of anime fans to denote themselves.
She's more of an otaku than I could ever be; she's seen over 26 anime series!
by Vertigo September 02, 2002
to give a prude a personal lesson on the ways of the birds and bees.
My orgasm lesson sure depruded her!
by Vertigo January 08, 2004
When a girl looks really hott in a manner that can only be attained by being unhealthily underweight.
Man, Mary Kate is sooooo anorexalicious. Not like that tubby Ashley
by vertigo December 29, 2004
1. To penetrate someone from behind doggy style

2. To penetrate someone anally backdoor
I could tell Jon's mom knew no boundaries because getting fanny packed was just the opening volley in a night of depravity.
by vertigo July 14, 2008

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