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While receiving road head, the guy slams on the breaks just as he is about to cum. This forces her head to hit the horn, and then he shoots a fatty load all over her face.
Peter was getting road head, and decided to give his girlfriend a hornblower surprise.
by Deter P April 30, 2009
Someone who likes to give oral sex.
That fag is a real horn blower!
by Hugh G. Rekshon February 03, 2009
Verb: to take something that use to be in great shape and utterly destroy it totally by accident or stupidity
Can be used to descibe total annialtion of things that defy explaination
He put the new bbq in the back of the truck and hornblowered it up.

We use to be able to watch tv but it got hornblowered up by the kids
by zeph32 February 04, 2010
One who gives blowjobs.
Jager certainly is a horny little hornblower.
by Mr. Nobody August 17, 2004
person who masturbates frequently.
Joe's a pr0n fiend and a hornblower.
by Vertigo January 08, 2004