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the day of fornication and depression
today is valentines and my boyfriend dumped me.
by ushray February 13, 2009
a person who pretends to like both genders to the attention of the opposite sex
she is such a scene bi, we made out at that party in front of all the guys then at school when i asked her out she said i don't like girls.
by ushray January 01, 2009
short for If You Dont Mind Me Asking
"why werent you here yesterday, iydmma?"
by ushray August 17, 2008
not being able to grasp the crap someone is talking
"i am havimg trouble crasping what you are saying about him"
by ushray August 17, 2008
describing something ridiculous that a guy does
frank acts so ricockulous when he jumped from his roof to the pool.
by ushray January 01, 2009
a slut whore, someone who has not enough class to get paid but is just as bad
"jen is such a slagathore, she just gives a blowjob, its so worth $10"
by ushray August 17, 2008
someone who isn't especially good looking but can look at you and make you hot all over with one look in their eyes, so sexy they become your drug.
she is such a vamp, one kiss and i was hers.
by ushray January 29, 2009

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