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an adjective used to describe someone having the qualities of Jon Bon Jovi
Note: Only used in the 17 page paper Cliff Redish wrote about Madison Werner
His smile is bon joviesque.
by unnamed February 05, 2004
A term used by people who don’t like calling people straight out assholes.
Why do you need to be such an arse?
by Unnamed October 10, 2003
the act of random and total dissapearance
i was looking for that guy, but he pulled a total blackwave....
by Unnamed February 03, 2005
An illness that befalls among horny teenagers when they haven't gotten any action in awhile; feels like everyone you see you want to hook up with them.
I can't believe I hooked up with that girl...she's so ugly! I must have Hartman disease.
by unnamed February 04, 2004
A real creepo freakshow, someone who should always be avoided due to there extreme creepyness.

A dude with no friends because he always does weird things and sometimes tries to kiss boys.
That creepshow Lanahan tried to kiss me today. What's that dudes problem?

I'm not sure but I heard he has a thing going with John Dimarzo, for serious.
by unnamed January 26, 2005
The hebrew word for Cuecumber, also, a person who is gay.
Ahi hu mamash melafefon.
(man hes such a melafefon)
by unnamed October 28, 2004
Large asshole.
Mean people suck arse.
by unnamed December 31, 2003

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