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A sexual act where the male smashes a bottle of champagne against the girl's head as he finishes. The motion is similar to that of christening a boat.
Margie's had a bump on her head from when Anthony Cordova'd her last night.
by jessiecho August 08, 2014
When a man pleasures himself with a woman's breasts and finishes on her chest, also known as Titty Fucking
I gave that girl a Cordova last night
by KuntrysydeKing June 21, 2010
Someone you definatly DONT wanna mess with, they tend to be low tolerance-hot tempered people. Known for giving a good ass beating when needed. Can blaze till there's nothing left and party till the sun comes up.
Don't fuck with a Cordova!
by Tyler's wifey November 03, 2008
a person who is determinded, strong, and very attractive.
Damn I would give my middle nut to be a Cordova.
by Fbplyr088 October 08, 2008

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