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To be a creep, act creepy, or do things that a creep would do
"No need to stare you creepshow"
by MissThingg October 28, 2008
A deranged sexual act inspired by a famous scene from the cult classic horror film "Creepshow". This particular scene portrayed actor Ted Danson being buried up to his neck in sand while being filmed as the incoming tide is rising. An elegant, yet perverted twist lead to the idea to bury a person up to their neck in sand and conducting a circle jerk on the person's face, or alternatively a bukkake.
Me and the other lifeguards brought the new badge inspector down to beach after work for a creepshow, but after a few loads of man butter the tide came in strong and she totally started freaking out.
by Chocotacojewboy October 16, 2007
A real creepo freakshow, someone who should always be avoided due to there extreme creepyness.

A dude with no friends because he always does weird things and sometimes tries to kiss boys.
That creepshow Lanahan tried to kiss me today. What's that dudes problem?

I'm not sure but I heard he has a thing going with John Dimarzo, for serious.
by unnamed January 26, 2005
when a person or situaltion is out of control an or on the side of sadistic or creepy...
i went out with creepshow last night... he started showing me his exotic worm collection...
by aaron schirmer August 24, 2007
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