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2 definitions by ugaswimmer

when an ugly child becomes a hot teen or adult.
"wow alex was an ugly child!"
"yeah man but she's a cocooner"
"it's too bad her sister was a reverse cocooner"
"i know tell me about it"
by ugaswimmer August 24, 2008
When a cute, adorable young child that everyone thinks will grow up and still be attractive looses their cuteness at some point and turns out not attractive. It is the opposite of a cocooner.
"Did you see that picture of Chris when he was 5 years old as his profile picture on facebook?"
"Yeah! Wasn't he the cutest child ever?"
"It's too bad he's a reverse cocooner..."
"I know right? I feel bad for him."
by ugaswimmer October 21, 2008