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When a cute, adorable young child that everyone thinks will grow up and still be attractive looses their cuteness at some point and turns out not attractive. It is the opposite of a cocooner.
"Did you see that picture of Chris when he was 5 years old as his profile picture on facebook?"
"Yeah! Wasn't he the cutest child ever?"
"It's too bad he's a reverse cocooner..."
"I know right? I feel bad for him."
by ugaswimmer October 21, 2008
the opposite of a cocooner. it is when a person starts out as an ugly child and then becomes attractive when they get older.
"your sister was such an ugly child"
"yeah but look at her now"
"damn! she's hot now. what the hell happened?"
"yeah...she's a reverse cocooner."
by ugaswimmer4490 October 03, 2008
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