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Someone in serious need of a tan, like a total comp hermit.
Hey we're headin off 2 the beach. Count Chalkula u in?
by typenamehere December 11, 2006
A seriously white peron in need of a tan, like real bad!!!
I got u a year membership 2 the tanning salon, since ur chalkcasian and all...
by typenamehere December 11, 2006
like totally rank and smelly, a mix of ferocious and smelly.
reserved for x's and gross brothers.
OMGaa i just went in my brothers room and it's like smellarocious in there!!! gag me!!!

hey smellarocious, fancy a hose down?

u so need a bath u smellarocious dweebo. get away from me!!!
by typenamehere December 11, 2006
to brag about something. Dane Cook used this word during a comedy sketch.
I did a hella job on that project, not to be bragadocious!That's so bragadocious of me.
by typenamehere July 22, 2006

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