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A tiny girl with a big heart, she may be little but loves anything and anyone. She's hot, pretty, cute and everything else rolled into one. Don't forget her big boobs, amazing just like the rest of her. Her favorite things include flirting, music and her best friends. Even though she is a nice girl she gets in trouble for the dumbest things but she'll over come them. There's no forgetting Iwa because she'll be your friend for the rest of time.
Guy: That girl is such a flirt.

Friend: No she's just being Iwa.
by CHillin-chives November 27, 2011
It Was Awesome. Used at the end of stories at the website, ItWasAwesome.
Today, I told my sister that nerds dance with their fingers. We then continued to 'dance' to the song 'Man With The Hex'. IWA
by grumpybuffalo November 07, 2009
International Wrestling Association of Puerto Rico. Is a wrestling company.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
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