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A nice word usually used to substitute for "butt" or "ass".
Would I really try to cut up a brand spanking new flashlight? You bet your sweet patootie I would, if it's in the name of science.
by Craig Johnson June 13, 2004
Patootie is "ass".

But "sweet patootie" is a term of endearment.
"I don't give a rat's patootie".

"You're my sweet patootie".
#sweet patootie #rat's ass #rat's patootie #bum #heinie
by Eliezer Pennywhistler May 09, 2006
a sweetheart, or someones sweetheart.
Justin is Wendee's patootie.
by Justin Souvannasane July 09, 2005
A sweetheart, someone who you care about- the word is a cute, light way to address someone close to you. The friend, in order to be called "patootie" must be not only beautiful but above all have a very kind, open personality
"She is such a cutie patootie, invite her over!"
"Of course I love Dan, he's so cute and is my patootie fasho"
"Do you like Liza?" "Of course, she's a patootie-head"
#patootie #cute #adorable #sweet #attractive #friend #companion
by patootiequeen January 04, 2011
someone or something so cute that the word cute itself has to morph into something cuter, thus cutie patootie was born
A.k.a. Calinouwx
Calinouwx is the patootiest
#cute #fluffy #adorable #popoye #irresistible
by Mowglinouwx November 14, 2014
Term of endearment...also rump, ass
My husband called me "Sweet Patootie' and it became my clown name. And isn't rump
#endearment #rump #ass #behind #butt
by Deb P. November 13, 2006
Ass, Butt, etc.
This mainframe coding is such a pain in the patootie
#pain #butt #pain in the ass #pain in the butt #buttocks
by Sameer Sharma January 10, 2012
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