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Star of the gayest show on Television, "Scott Baio is 57 and still single because he is the biggest TOOL on the planet."
Elmer: "Have you seen that new show on VH1?"
Morty: "Yea, the one with that former childstar, Scott Gayo, ooops, I mean Scott Baio"
Elmer: "Yes, that's it. Do you like it?"
Morty: "I'd rather watch ice melt, that guy is a whiney ass beeeeotch!!"
by twist weeblow August 28, 2007
Jet Leg usually occurs near the end of a crowded Southwest Airlines flight. You're packed in like sardines and you haven't moved your legs for 3 hours. When you get up to exit the plane, your legs are asleep and are cramping up something fierce. Jet Leg is not contagious and usually subsides somewhere near the baggage terminal. 'Jet Leg' is the evil step-sister of 'Jet Lag'.
Rawd: "John, how was your trip and why are you limping"?

John: "I have a terrble case of Jet Leg, Rawd"

Rawd: "Don't you mean Jet Lag"?

John: " No, Jet Leg, Rawd. Jet Leg!!

by Twist Weeblow August 28, 2007
A phrase used to describe that awkward moment when you have to dump so bad that the poop has actually exited your anus and is toucing your tighty whitey Hanes cotton underwear.
Andy: Hey Floyd, you gotta pull over. I have to take a dump.
Floyd: Can't you wait 10 more minutes!! We're almost there.
Andy: No Floyd, I can't wait!! I'm touchin' cotton!!!
by Twist Weeblow August 21, 2007
An African-American term that originated in the hoods of Chicago in the late 1970's. "Trick Off Money" refers to money that a husband makes "on the side" that his wife knows nothing about. He uses this money to buy things like beer, weed, or lap dances.
"Yo, DeAndre! Let's hit da club, G! I just made me some trick-off money playin' dice. You in, B?"
by Twist Weeblow August 28, 2007
A name used to describe a "regular joe" who lives in a fantasy world and has convinced himself he's a "Rock Star" (Mick Jagger) and "Can Get Away With Anything" (Ferris Bueller).
"Mick Bueller was at the club last night tellin' those girls he founded "Lycos" and co-directed Michael Jackson's "Thriller Video". What a TOOL"!
by Twist Weeblow August 18, 2007
The Happy Goodman's were a Southern Gospel group founded in the 1940s by Howard "Happy" Goodman.
"The Happy Goodmans are one of my all-time favorite christian music groups"
by Twist Weeblow August 28, 2007
A term used to describe a transvestite.
Justin: Check out that chick, she fine.
Albert: Man, I think that's a dude
Justin: You may be right, I bet she has "Balls Like Rupaul"
Justin: Here he/she comes, let's scram!!
by Twist Weeblow August 28, 2007

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