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a person who is extremaly sexual. This person is very attractive and most are attracted to this person. Regardless of the sex of this person they have large assets.
Girl 1: did you see that guy?
Girl 2: Yea that guy was most definatly a shiloh.
by sexy lady November 09, 2006
an extremely awesome chick who has good taste in a variety of things. A general fun person to be around and one who wants there to be something pleasant about her name.
Me: Hey Shiloh, I did it!

Shiloh: Thanks Shishno
by Shishno July 08, 2011
a name for a girl who is chill as fuckkkkk. She likes to get fucked up. Chill as a motherfucking fridge, the chillest you can be it fucken chills things. don't fuck with this bitch she'll mess you up then fuck your best friend. Smokes a shitload of weed. Snob Mobs tend to hate her. Shes a straight up bitch and takes pride over it.
guy 1: Yo, you see Shiloh anywhere?

guy 2: Ya man i just smoked a fat blunt with her.
by onblast1234 March 19, 2013
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's overrated baby.

Apparently, everyone seems to think this is the most important baby ever and are reportedly paying millions of dollars for pictures of the baby.

Some think the baby and its enlarged reputation will take over the world one day.
#1: You hear about the Jolie-Pitt baby?
#2: Oh, have I? It's on tv 24/7
#1: Why dont people care about things other than a baby named Shiloh?
#2: I dont know dude, they seem to think she's taking over the world one day.
by humans are scary June 19, 2006
A word used to describe a person's fat stomach. Especially one who is thin everywhere except the stomach area.
"Hey Bar, check out that dude's SHILOH. He needs to get to the gym and crank out some sit-ups".
by Twist Weeblow August 18, 2007
to pull a shiloh is when you have a mother thats so hot you cant resist the temptation to have sex with her. which would be the case with Angelina Jolie.
I heard Johnny pulled a Shiloh on his mother the other day. That's so gross dude!
by Mr. -xXx- July 15, 2006
a fucking bitch who takes the girl you love.
she is also a whore and a slut who seems like shes using people for sex.

theres shiloh ewww i fucking hate that slut do you kno she used my friend
by annoyedbitch131 April 11, 2009
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