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brand of underwear
also a company owned by Sara Lee
While Johnny always wears FTL boxer briefs, Billy always wears Hanes tighty-whities.
by francium June 05, 2006
Heinous; Referred as a something unpleasant. Adjective
Person 1: Oh my god, did you see that old guy in the speedo?
Person 2: Gross how HANE!
by SubliminalVerse4 June 30, 2005
acronym. Heroin Addict No Eyebrows
I'd never sleep with a HANE, unless I, too, was a HANE.
by andrew mk January 23, 2007
A Welsh word meaning gossip.
"Hey, what's the hanes?"
by Laurarara June 18, 2009
Where the sack meets the shaft.
"My hane itches"
"You smell like a sweaty hane"
by B to the Rock May 11, 2005
A disease you can get when you are a Canadian Muslim.
You have the Hane Disease.
by L2ICEBLOCK October 05, 2006
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